ISPs bring fibre-like speeds to subscribers with a mesh network

You can connect several KORUZA optical transceivers over a large area to create a fast, reliable Internet service. Let’s say you are an ISP with hundreds of subscribers across a city suburb. Close to your node, you have great, high-speed connections; but subscribers further away have slow, congested lines. The sooner you can bring true high-speed Internet to them, the sooner your business will grow.

If you install several KORUZA wireless optical links strategically, their connections form a redundant mesh network. With KORUZA’s low installation costs, this means you can extend your high-speed service much sooner than you thought. You can manage network-expansion costs by combining cheaper 1 Gbps transceivers with 10 Gbps ones, which boost the capacity of key network segments.

Point-to-point bridging

KORUZA is the perfect wireless communication solution for transmitting 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps data between buildings, across roads or rivers, or over any other terrain.

Increasing the capacity of existing WiFi and VDSL networks

KORUZA can be seamlessly integrated with existing wired or wireless infrastructure, increasing the capacity of WiFi, VDSL or other connections. For the most demanding customers, the automatic switchover enables the highest possible link availability.

Increasing the capacity of existing WiFi networks

Increasing the capacity of existing VDSL networks

Expanding the reach of FTTH

KORUZA expands the reach of existing wired optical infrastructure with minimal installation costs, and provides true optical connectivity to the customer.

Last-mile mesh network

KORUZA includes routing capabilities that create a mesh network between a number of buildings, and enables covering a large number of buildings with fiber capacity in days. Zero-interference operation enables the delivery of maximum speeds even to the most distant customers.

Cell base-station uplinking

KORUZA enables cost-efficient optical connectivity to nearby cell-towers, delivering extra capacity and enabling service upgrades with minimal installation costs. The use of optical spectrum means connectivity will not interfere with existing radio equipment on site.

Rapid-response networking

KORUZA links can be deployed in a matter of minutes to provide alternative networking when wired infrastructure is damaged or when additional capacity is needed for special events.

Campus-connectivity simplified

KORUZA offers rapid network deployment to ever-expanding campuses for both long-term and temporary solutions prior to the installation of wired infrastructure.

License-, regulation- and permission-free networking

KORUZA transmits data with light between buildings, and its eye-safe operation is governed by health-and-safety regulations. Optical spectrum for wireless communication is not regulated and does not require special permissions for installation.