MODEL Bridge 1 Gbps Routed 1 Gbps Bridge 10 Gbps | 2.5 Gbps IoT 1 – 10 Mbps
Status Available, Order Under development Under testing, Pre-order Under development
Network port SFP cage – data, 100 Mbps ethernet – management 3 × 1 Gbps Ethernet + SFP cage SFP cage – data, 100 Mbps ethernet – management 10 Mbps
Power supply requirements 24 V (12 V-30 V) 0.5 A (PoE 802.3af mode B) 5 V 1 A
Average power consumption 6 W 5 W
Outdoor enclosure (material) Anodized aluminium TBD
Mounting Vertical/horizontal pole up to diameter 60 mm TBD
Weight Approximately 2 kg TBD
Dimensions 180 mm × 120 mm × 120 mm TBD
Manual beam alignment accuracy 1 mrad 0.1 dag
Motorized beam alignment accuracy 0.003 mrad /
Optical source and detector SC SFP WDM Bi-Di module with DDM LED
Wavelength Matched pair at 1330 nm/1550 nm Matched pair at 1270 nm/1310 nm Matched pair at 850 mm
Transmitter power 0 dBm 0.5 dBm /
Receiver sensitivity -23 dBm -15 dBm /
Bandwidth 1 Gbps 10 Gbps | 2.5 Gbps 1 – 10 Mbps
Laser power < 1 mW 100 mW
Beam divergence 0.05 mrad 1 dag
Aperture 50 mm NBK7 Plano-convex lens 20 mm NBK7 Plano-convex lens
Receiver field-of-view 10 mrad 1 dag
Laser class 1M (eye safe)
Routing platform Not integrated DualCore@880 MHz, 512 RAM, OpenWrt Not integrated Not integrated
Management interface http, snmp, custom protocols (built-in Linux Raspberry Pi Compute module system) I2C/UART
Auto-tracking Yes, requiring management link No
Management IR link Under development /
Data processing None via SFP port, Layer 1 system Optional via routing platform None via SFP port, Layer 1 system None
Annual optical link availability 99%
Operating temperature -40 °C to 60 °C
Humidity Undetermined
Outdoor rating IP65
Distance < 150 m, or greater with limited reliability 1 km
Clear day (10 km+ visibility) 0 dB
Moderate fog (500 m visibility) 1 dB
Dense fog (100 m visibility) 4 dB
Very dense fog (50 m visibility) 10 dB
Approx per link (two transceivers) €1.450 excl. VAT TBD 10 Gbps – €1.950 excl. VAT | 2.5 Gbps – TBD TBD

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The first production batch of KORUZA Pro units will go into production in March 2017, with estimated delivery by July 2017. These provide a technology preview for customers and partners to evaluate the system with the direct support of our team.

We strive to best satisfy our customers and follow their suggestions and requests for additional features. Feedback will be incorporated into the second batch of units estimated to go in production in August 2017.

For every technology-preview unit purchased, we will discount its value on future orders of 10 or more units.

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