KORUZA Scientific Kit

KORUZA Scientific Kit is an open-source open-hardware wireless optical system, meant for researchers to be able to replicate, understand and modify it to gain necessary skills in equipment construction.

Designed as a composition of commonly available components, enhanced with 3D printed parts designed in OpenSCAD environment, KORUZA Scientific Kit features a fully modular mechanical design and enables easy modification for a variety of use cases. Version 2.0 differs from version 1.0 in improved stability and reliability. Both versions have automatic alignment and tracking and the interconnection is made with stainless steel rods.

Since it is available as a DIY kit, KORUZA Scientific Kit is very useful for educational purposes as well, which was shown in numerous collaborations with schools and other educational and extracurricular institutions. We offer workshops or leave the assembly completely to the users. The workshops are focused on experimental construction and testing of wireless optical systems to empower participants in their research. With this testbed platform you can effectively create operational links by modifying only the components of your interest.

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